Deník nalezený ve vaně – StanisŁaw Lem

The book book is written by Stanislav Lem.
It’s book to poder. I think this book reflects the communist regimes and
their nonsencial birokracy. But it’s transfered to far future.

What is the book about?

It’s very difficult to describe it because the book is very chaotic and
all you will understand at the end. At first sight in this book is all about
nothing but when you will be thinking more you will discover secret point.

And now the process

There is day book found in bath. In this day book is written all the story.
On the Earth was catastrophe. Some small animals destroyed almost paper. There
was only one way. To close ourselves in gigantic big cover. There starts story.
One men – secret agent enters into new job. His boss told him that he don’t
have time for him and the information for him are downstairs. There starts all
the theater. Reader still devises new options for sence of the story. But he
haven‘t any chance to guess right. He alway ask for him: Why? What? Why not?
And where is his instructions? At the end reader discover that the whole
building is absorbed of nonsence and birokracy. There are no instruction for
him. Everybody is doing senseless things and he is only next figure.

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