How to associate/get service back Youtube account with your Google profile again

I had just done fuc*ing mistake. But i solved it. Did you deleted the
Youtube service from your Google account too? Do you ant to get it back?
It’s not possible, isn’t it? Maybee I could help you.

I tried to delete my Youtube account Ondrej Turek (i didn’t used it,
because I have account with name Opicakuz).

The only way was to delete service Youtube, which was associated with my
Google account (…).

When i done it, I saw that it deleted both profiles. OK, no problem,
I hoped. But…

I expected that when I would click on the login button at Youtube homepage,
I could sign up and associate my Youtube account Opicakuz with my Google
Account again.

But it’s not possible!!! It writes: „Error, try it again later.“ Easier:
If I click on the button „sign up“ or „upload“, it throw me to the

How to solve it

Ugh, problem solved after 3 hours of googling, Youtube and Google help
reading and alternatives from my head trying…

I solved it by these easy but nonsense steps:

  1. I logged into my Google account Ondřej Turek
  2. I check my Google+ pages associated with my Google profile, one of them was
    Google+ page called Opicakuz (it was the owning-page of my Youtube account)
  3. I found the email adres of my Google+ page (
  4. I created a new password for this Google+ page
  5. I logged into this Youtube account with using newly-created password
  6. I created the new email adress and
    I associated it with my Youtube account with temporarily adress
    I’ve done it for sure – nobody knows how long will Google+ be alive

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